Thursday, September 5, 2013



Morning Glory in Bay Window

Stare. It is the way to educate your eye, and more. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something.
You are not here long.- Walker Evans


This girl, oblivious, all wired up
hair flying out
like a raven's wing
arms tattooed in black roses
stem & thorn
bent at the elbow
was hurrying past cars
blasting horns
then just missed
getting hit
by a skateboarder
rounding the corner
like he was rolling on ice
but this oblivious girl
just kept winging it fast
praying to her phone
& didn't see
this morning glory
the shocking blue
its fragile vine twisting
through a sidewalk crack
as her boot crashed down
pounding it back
in the ground & then
she almost stepped on
just didn't see
this woman
sitting at the corner of
Van Ness & California Street
opening up a plastic bag
of cigarette butts
very slow & carefully.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cultivating the Lifetime Habit of Art

Time changed. It disappeared. Time went away. There isn't as much time as there used to be. I don't know, its magical, and kind of mystical. What happened to time? Everybody's always looking at a watch and saying, 'I gotta go! Gotta go!' It's all those time saving devices that are using up all the time. Somewhere, a lot of time is being saved and stashed away, for other people.
 -Herb Caen, quoted by Mark Powelson, "Citizen Caen", San Francisco Focus

This photo was taken on a boat ride going down the Mississippi River during Mardis Gras. After enjoying the festivities, I parted with friends then travelled alone up the east coast to reunite with my father. Next, on to New York to rendezvous with another friend who in dim lit fern bars reminded me of Bogie. I bought him a fedora and we took a horse and carriage ride through Central Park with a bottle of champagne. After a few days, I waved goodbye to him in his fedora from aboard the SS Leonardo da Vinci docked in New York harbor. This grand ship would be the last Italian ocean liner to cross the North Atlantic. David Bowie was on board and I met Elizabeth Rightor who encouraged me to apply to the Leo Marchutz School of Painting and Drawing in Aix-en-Provence  Later, I visited Le Mas Theotime, her home in Lourmarin, a provencal village located in the Vaucluse. The voyage on the SS Leonardo da Vinci took seven days from New York City to Naples, Italy. Being served three meals a day by handsome Italian waiters was a great way to begin the next year and a half of my first European adventure!

Finding My Way Back to Painting and Drawing

In 1998, I was visiting mother who had returned to Cathlamet after living an expatriate's life in the Loire Valley for ten years. One day in the mail I received my portfolio from 1976 when I attended the Leo Marchutz School of Painting and Drawing in Aix-en-Provence. That first body of work of mine had been in storage in a Boston basement for two decades. Looking through this mildewy assortment of oil paintings, charcoal sketches of nude models, and Mont Saint-Victoire watercolor landscapes  was the best gift I could have received at the time. It re-ignited my passion for painting and drawing that had been dormant for twenty years as I supported myself with a myriad of jobs while working on writing/photography projects whenever possible.

Life as Art
Following are jobs I had (not in order); writer, editor, art gallery sales and exhibitor, video production assistant, corporate website content manager and technical product developer, interviewer, sales clerk, commercial real estate loan processor, volunteer (Streetside Stories, Room to Read, Missoula Children's Theatre, BayKids MovieMakers Program, ArtSpan, Eldergivers: Art with Elders, International Rescue Committee, American Red Cross, Project Homeless Connect, SFMOMA Development, Steppingstone Adult Day Health, Arthritis Foundation, American Cancer Society Reach to Recovery, SF Village), pet sitter, client services representative, volunteer coordinator, file clerk, supervisor, event ambassador, xylophone player, flea market vendor, sandwich maker, barista, babysitter, hostess, waitress, dishwasher/buser/grape leaf stuffer (In 1972, I lived in Manhattan Beach,CA for a year in between WSU and CAL Berkeley. I remember dropping a tray full of cups and saucers at this intimate, outdoor cafe in Beverly Glen Canyon. The manager, my boyfriend, had gotten me the job washing dishes, busing tables, and stuffing grape leaves to make ends meet.  Then, I caused a loud, crashing mess of an accident and as a few croissant chomping customers applauded I quickly retreated to the kitchen to stuff more grape leaves), executive assistant to ceo's, presidents, vp's, litigation/corporate attorneys, commodities brokers, directors of finance, health care, marketing, advertising, communications, and humanities. I was also a curator, executor, caregiver, property manager, biographer, medical  transcriptionist, office manager, receptionist, hospital media coordinator, event planner, photojournalist, development associate, social justice advocate, lingerie model, and librarian.

Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.
                                                                                                                     - Leonardo da Vinci


Succession of the Elements
Mixed Media on Canvas, 2014

Biospheric Rumble
Watercolor and Graphite on Paper, 2014


Mischievous Interludes
Acrylic on Canvas, 2013

Complicated Relations
Graphite and Crayon on Paper, 2013

Spontaneous Cacti Couplings
Graphite and Crayon on Paper, 2013

Camouflaged Intentions
Graphite and Crayon on Paper, 2013

The Man in the Yellow Boat
Acrylic on Canvas, 2013 
Rhythm of the Universe Series: Invisible Helpers
Fluid Acrylic on Paper, 2010

Rhythm of the Universe Series: Jazz Session in Outer Space
Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

Calm Before the Storm
Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

Pier off Emerald Cove
Graphite and Crayon on Paper, 2012

Celebration of Life
Graphite and Crayon on Paper, 2012

Rhythm of the Universe Series: Night Swimmer
Fluid Acrylic and Pen on Paper, 2010

Rhythm of the Universe Series: Broken Links
Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

Rhythm of the Universe Series:Web of Desire
Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

Rhythm of the Universe Series:Gravity Tango
Fluid Acrylic and Pen on Paper, 2010


Abstract Paintings and Drawings 2006-2010: Red Triangle Breaking Away
Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

Abstract Paintings and Drawings 2006-2010: Falling Kite
Watercolor and Pen on Paper, 2010

Abstract Paintings and Drawings 2006-2010: Celestial Harmony
Fluid Acrylic on Canvas, 2008 

Rhythm of the Universe Series:Hurricane
Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

Abstract Paintings and Drawings 2006-2010: Cacophony
Mixed Media on Canvas, 2007

Abstract Paintings and Drawings 2006-2010: Seven Moons over the Leonardo
Watercolor and Graphite on Paper, 2010 

Mystic Gardens, Ciphers, and Shapeshifters Series (
 Chain Reaction
Graphite and Crayon on Paper, 2012

I grew up in Cathlamet, Washington on the Columbia River where there were no strip malls, condos, movie theatres, art museums or galleries. It was in this rural enviroment of natural beauty and wide open spaces that I began to develop my artistic skills.
In 2001, while working in the corporate world as a web content manager and technical product developer, I started painting and drawing again. In 2002, I was accepted into the MFA Painting Program at the San Francisco Art Institute. I was fortunate to have a Directed Study with Christopher Brown who emphasized the importance of developing good drawing skills.

Other artists who have inspired me are Wassily Kandinsky, Arshile Gorky, Alexander Calder, Joan Miro, Louise Bourgeois, Joan Brown, Paul Klee, Alice Neel, Cy Twombly, R.B. Kitaj and Terry Winters.

Figurative Paintings and Drawings 2011-2012

Figurative Paintings and Drawings 2009