Friday, September 16, 2011


Watercolor on Paper, 1976

Painting - I was inspired by the stark white architecture in contrast to the bluest waters I've ever seen.

Journal Excerpt - May 8, 1976
      We've been in Greece a week now. This island is beautiful. Narrow winding streets, cobblestones. So much white its blinding. The God of Apollo rides in the wind and water; bathes us with light. Paradise and Super Paradise! Nude beaches. Exercise, sun and more exercise. Not very much food these days. Quite a change from Italy. Warm spring nights; the fading smell of tanning lotion and other spring nights filled with a lover's smile. Barbecues and being waiting on like a queen. I must wait on myself these days. Feel my own bones.Get stronger.
     I could lose reality here; mesmerized as the windmills turn gently with the breeze. White cloth flapping like a sail, held fast, forever turning. The old Greeks singing out their wares as they lead a donkey overladen with hanging baskets through the narrow streets. Onions and spinach leaves are about all they have to offer-not much fruit here. We've been eating with thirst the sweet oranges and Greek salads for dinner. Last night we went to Spiro's (on the water) and had octopus. I enjoyed it as I never thought I would. Ah yes-do as the natives do.
     Our place is nice. Hot shower, sundeck and quite clean with maid service. It amazes me that these people work so hard as it amounts to only $1.50 per night for a room. They're constantly white washing and scrubbing. A bit more standoffish than the Italians.

From our balcony over the Adriatic
I watch a black cat's shadow creeping slow
hovering and sliding against white stone
as a meteor falls out of the sky

I watch it move stealthily as an apparition
over broken cobblestones until it stops
to arch its back then howls an ominous
haunted song

This spectral creature cast a spell over me

And I remember a town now far away and
long forgotten where a black cat crossed
my path and before I could move to the
other side I broke my sandal strap.

     Yesterday May 7th we sent alot of postcards and letters out. Another desperate attempt to get mail in Athens.