Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interview with San Francisco Rock Band, Love Club

The following is an excerpt from an interview I did for FAD Magazine, published in the Spring Issue, 1987.

Created during the spring of 1985 by Lawrence Doyle and Deborah Borchers, LOVE CLUB is one of the strongest and most original new San Francisco bands. Their dark, driving dance rock sound is fueled by Deborah's haunting vocals and a lush, deep pool of rhythmic music from the band. Their latest 4 song demo has seen extensive local air play and dance club exposure. A & R people take note, before someone else signs them up!

(LI) There's an interesting chemistry between you and Deborah on stage. It's as if you're the straight man and she is the emotional center. It seems to emphasize an underlying tension in your music. What would you attribute this to?

(DB) Our different personalities. Larry's a very right brained artist. I guess there's a kind of yin yang going on. Like good and evil maybe?

(LI) What is the message in your music?

(DB) We try to convey pure and absolute human emotion.

(LD) The band is based on contradiction because we're working with computers and these really exact things that keep precise time. Yet, we're trying to make an emotional statement and that is where the human elements come in. So the machines play their part (in our technological society some of the highest levels of rational thought are obtained through computers) - but we add the emotion, especially with voice.

(LI) There's an aggressive quality to your music. Is there a socio-political statement there?

(DB)  The ideas I write come directly from my own experience so what you see when I'm performing is me. Whether it be anger or frustration, it's not very happy. Larry and I tend to write on the dark side.

(LD) We shouldn't dwell on that, though. We also do some things that are funny.

(DB) That's true, "Olga's Dream" is hilarious.

(LI) Wouldn't you say that the creative process is therapeutic?

(DB) Definitely. Music is therapy. When I'm performing, I hope that people can empathize with their own emotion - come with me into the song and let it wrap around them and comfort them as it does me.

(LD) I've always felt that music was a refuge. We live in a world that's very demanding and dehumanizing. Music is one thing that's irrational, that we can experience intuitively.

(LI) So, in the midst of all this - what do yo think the future of rock is?

(JS) There don't seem to be very many styles of music coming out now that are unique. More or less what you are hearing is a hybrid of different styles from groups that are just clones of each other.

(LI) Do you have other jobs?

(DB) Sure...O'Farrell and Polk. Just kidding - really I'm a professional gofer.

(LD) I just sit on a couch and show people to their hot tub.

(LI) Back to the music - I recently read a quote from Until December saying that they wanted more than fame - they want to rule the world. What does Love Club want?

(LD) We want to pay the rent.

(LI) Would you say that you've achieved a harmonious state between discipline and creativity?

(LD) I think that its more of a neurosis. Basically, we're weirdos. If we were normal we wouldn't be doing this.

(JS) We'd probably be in Napa State Hospital.