Monday, February 13, 2012

I Left My Heart in San Francisco...Happy 50th Anniversary!

It was a festive celebration at City Hall on Valentine's Day to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of this great song! The Mayor proclaimed February 14th to forever be Tony Bennett Day in San Francisco. I stood next to a man whose wife had to stay home to do her hair but he had bought a box of Sees candy for her. Just before the performance, a high-spirited blonde woman joined us whose husband was at work. The three of us had our picture taken together. The man laughed and said he would show it to his wife. When the tribute ended we all shouted,"Sing Tony!" The blonde woman kissed the married man on both cheeks. I told him I'd enjoyed talking and we said our goodbyes as he looked somewhat sad to see us go.

Walking home I wondered why some men feel compelled to confirm their marital status immediately after meeting an attractive woman. This is often accomplished by working a seemingly innocent reference about their wife into the conversation. And, at times even if he isn't married but has a girlfriend the same technique is used. Could it be that once their unattainable status is declared it clears the conscience so they feel free to flirt like there's no tomorrow? 

I then began wondering if married women do the same thing? After all, the woman celebrating Tony Bennett Day with us did mention her husband shortly after we all met. Maybe Valentine's Day had something to do with it. Or is this just something spouses do? I don't know. Maybe if I was married I'd do the same thing. But, that won't happen. At least, I don't think so...